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It captivates (Urzeka)

The very center of the forest

  Puszcza Lubuska, 100 thousand hectares of a dense forest complex crossed by the valley of the Pliszka river, the most beautiful, wild, crystal and unknown  parts of the Odra basin.
  It is captivating  24h silence reaching through the walls of warm, winter safari tents, a sauna with a view of the river and hours by the fire by the forest lake.

Karolina I Marta
Karolina I Marta
Karolina I Marta
Karolina I Marta
Karolina I Marta

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Access to Urzeka is via a forest road, the least bumpy option is presented on the map
Nawigacja  Google   often runs through Troughs and Trestles Station, this road may be passable only for off-road vehicles.

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